_DSC0925The large country house holds ten spacious rooms, sitting rooms, wine cellar, private dining rooms, a parlour with a chimney, a quiet library with a selection of authors of the Ninth Art. holds across the secret, the star and the crab which guard the seven crystal balls, the temple that reflects the knowledge of fire. Over the cave lays the black island looking at the blue of the lotus. Downstairs, the Soviets patio is surrounded by the Armoricans, the Maltese, the captain and the professor with the yellow mark. A glass cabinet holds the figure of the hero. 26 albums bring us to the stars in a war and we shall arrive at the moon, the fifth element and the little prince.

The crowd of a collection of objects and small figures which have poped out from the albums of the european comic strip look at us from the inside of 26 bright displays that decorate the interior of this fairy house.

The combination of antique and modern furniture creates a cosy atmosphere. The earthly colours of the comfortable sofas invite you to relax.